Tips for Young Filmmakers

ExploreTalent’s Helpful Tips for Young Filmmakers

The stage is set for young filmmakers looking to take over Hollywood in the future. Take Peter Jackson for example, he had these wonderful words that he believes aspiring directors should live by.

The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself.

The truth is, there really is no surefire way to become the greatest filmmaker of all time. You just need to work hard according to your own terms, while learning to take constructive criticism from others. Watching good movies is also another way to learn the art of filmmaking, and try to venture out of your comfort zone by catching all types of films, even those that are not within your favorite genre. That way, you can widen your horizon and learn different filmmaking styles in the process.

So if you happen to be one of the young filmmakers who wish to make their mark in the industry one day, then ExploreTalent has gathered some helpful industry tips you might want to take note of.

Advice for Young Filmmakers

5. Start now

Young Filmmakers

Steven Spielberg is regarded as one of the most iconic filmmakers in Hollywood, and his filmography features some of the best movies ever released. But did you know that Spielberg wasted no time in recording his first film? At age 12, a young Spielberg recorded a train wreck involving his toy Lionel trains. From then on, he continued making even more films using his 8 mm camera.

Be one step ahead of other young filmmakers by creating movies on your own or with your friends. That way, you learn from experience and might have some great material that you can develop more later in life.

4. Create a team

Teen Filmmakers

When you find a group with the same aspirations as you, then you can accomplish your goals even faster if you work together. Being in groups also gives you a chance to establish connections within the industry because as you may know by now, networking can be a powerful tool when it comes to pushing your career forward.

3. Don’t think you immediately have an Oscar contender in your hands

Young Filmmaker

Young filmmakers make the mistake of thinking too big. While that may be great, it just leaves room for disappointment in the end. The first thing you need to consider is that you do not have a Hollywood budget or an award-winning script yet. Instead, think of your materials as a stepping stone toward greater things and always be open for improvements if needed.

If you are having trouble gathering your materials, then you have to learn to be resourceful. You’re lucky to live in the digital age where smartphone cameras can already take good shots and free video editing applications can be downloaded online. So work with what you got first and set a filmmaking budget that’s both practical and reasonable.

2. Share your work

Tips for Teen Filmmaker

Young filmmakers of this generation have social media to take advantage of. Video-sharing platforms are rampant online and may as well be the easiest way to get your work out there. You can always check film festivals if they are accepting any new entries, and see if your work makes the cut. If you are a teen, then do know that certain festivals accept work from a certain age group. Some even have helpful workshops that teach you how to improve your work.

1. Keep learning and making new films

Young Filmmakers Guide

Filmmaking does not simply end with one movie. So keep learning new tips, from different camera movements to various writing styles. You can always enroll in a class or attend film festivals happening in your area. By doing this, you give yourself the right amount of passion and drive to create more films in the future.