Mean-Spirited Comedies That You Should Skip Unless You Have a Lot of Anger

The differences in the level of one’s humor can range from obvious, petty puns, and highly intelligent quips that only few, selected groups can understand, not everyone is familiar with the intricacies of the Higgs Boson Particles, for instance, and can’t get all the Physics-related jokes that come up in select films and television shows.

Sometimes, however, when you just want to kick back and let off some steam after a bad day at work with a beer in hand, these high-IQ jokes are the last thing in your mind, even if you know exactly why atoms are not the most trustworthy things on the planet or why neutrons never get charged in bars.

Mean-spirited comedies may not be the most tasteful choice of films, but you have to admit, they can let you off with a bit of steam, especially if you feel a certain ire toward someone and just want ideas on how to hurt them in your head without actually hurting them (because you’re too smart to get yourself in jail, to begin with).

Here are a few comedies that you should watch, if you’re okay about not worrying too much about the number of brain cells you are shedding.

The Comedy, 2012

To start off a list about comedies, let’s start with the obvious title. While not exactly funny, this may be the kind of life you want to lead if you’re not a responsible adult. The film is about a man in his 30s who grew up spoiled and rich. He just drinks and hangs out with his friends, and when he isn’t doing that, he just goes around being mean to people he ever interacts with during the duration of the film. Obviously, the unpleasantness is the goal in the film, but there’s really no point to it. Critics even said that it felt the filmmakers were just laughing at the audience instead of with them, it’s shallow and not at all clever or artistic. You’re not missing anything by skipping this one.

In the Company of Men, 1997

Feminists—whether you’re male of female—would get major headaches just by watching this film. The plot centers around an misogynistic man named Chad and his co-worker Howard, who are heartbroken and angry at women. From this, they decide to find the most innocent one that they can, date her, and break up with her at the same time so that they can break her heart. They then settle on Christine, a sweet deaf woman who is conscious about her disability and spends most of her time alone. It’s cruel enough that they date a vulnerable woman for the sake of breaking her heart, but Chad bashes women on a regular basis, talking about them behind their back and even mocking Christine for being deaf. It is not exactly empowering for women and men alike, unless you want a confirmation of men being pigs.

Problem Child, 1990

How could any mean-spirited film be made for kids? Maybe too many of them watched this one, about an abandoned child who happened to be sadistic and psychopathic. Junior, as he was called, has been kicked out of every foster family that he’s ever been placed with. And you really can’t blame the foster parents either because he’s done some pretty bad things for a kid, like bulldozing a foster family’s home while laughing about it.

However, since this is the 90s and nobody takes kids to the psychiatric ward, he was sent instead to a man who takes him in because he needed to impress his own father because why not add child exploitation to the mix of things that are wrong with this film. And because his latest set of parents don’t really care about him, Junior just goes on ahead committing acts of assault and arson—and oh, did we mention that he’s pen pals with a serial killer? This movie is dark but not in an Addams family satirical kind of way—it’s just mean, with a side of psycho.

Yes, these are the movies you may want to watch, if you want to pick a bone with somebody, but not for a good time. What other movies can you suggest that we should just skip watching altogether for the lack of realistic plot and much too mean-spirited characters?