5 Things Every Agent Wants to Know About You

There are different ways to impress a casting or talent agent, and as a beginner in the field of acting or modeling, it is your job to be able to impress them so that you can finally start doing what it is that you love. Remember, even big stars started out as nobodies in the entertainment industry, until their agents found a way to catapult them into stardom.

However, there are a few secrets that a beginner in the acting industry should know about these people: they size you up. Sometimes, without even asking, they know whether or not they’re willing to take a chance on you, and it’s in your non-verbal cues, and half the time, you are unaware of it. So it’s time to be aware, here are five things every agent wants to know about you:

They want to know if you’re committed

As it is with any other job or interview, showing up late is a big no-no. Agents want to know whether or not they can rely on you, so they will gauge your commitment by your arrival time. If you show up late, it will create a bad impression as they will feel that they can’t rely on you to show up on time when they send you out on jobs. If you can’t deliver, your incapability will reflect badly on them, and they want to avoid that. This is why arriving on time is essential. Here, they will find whether or not investing in you will be worth their effort.

They want to know that you’re prepared

Always, always bring your portfolio or resume with you, no matter how small. Look, agents know that whether or not you’re a beginner in the craft, and that’s okay. However, any amount of experience you made—yes, even that brief stint in community theater—may put the odds in your favor. So be prepared with your resume at all times.

Even better yet, learn as much as you can about the agency you are interviewing with. Having some knowledge where you’re applying to as well as some information about the industry and how it works can impress the agents. Doing your research will mean that you are serious about your application.

They want to know that you’re a professional

Sure, being a professional means you have to at least have been paid for your craft, but being a professional extends to more than just the paycheck. In fact, showing up with a great attitude—being well-groomed, friendly and polite, for instance—certainly translate to being professional and could land you the part. Agents want to find people who are easy to work with and will represent their business well when out on a job.

They want to know that you’re able to maintain open communication

Once and agent has taken you in, lines of communication should always be open with your agent. This means that you should let them know when your schedule changes, or if there are any reasons why you can’t make it to a job. Be honest to them too, especially when it comes to project you are not comfortable with. Your agent is there to help you and he or she should know that you have a relationship of trust between you.

They want to know that you are reliable

Leaving your agent hanging by backing out of a job at the last second will make them rethink their relationship with you. If something out of the blue happens that can disrupt your schedule, make sure that you inform them as soon as possible. At a job, put your best foot forward, you are not only representing yourself but your agent as well, so a bad day could hinder his credibility—not a good way to repay someone who has graciously found and landed you a job.

Remember, there is no perfect agent, and the right agent for your friend may not necessarily be the right one for you. However, when one agent rejects you, don’t take it personally. Just move on and look for another one. The more agents you contact, the better are your chances of landing one you like and would like you back.

No matter which agent you end up interviewing with next, though, these things are among the most basic things that they want to know about you so you have to keep these in mind to make sure that you can (and will) impress and agent.