Acting Audition Etiquette Every Actor Must Know

Hollywood is full of huge egos. You hear about the diva antics of actors, singers, and other celebrities all the time. But what do they gain by having a rotten attitude? The saying that you attract more flies with honey is true. If you want great connections, be nice to be around. Having good manners and knowing how to conduct yourself is not just for acting, but also for your everyday life.

Showing proper etiquette in during an acting audition is proof of your professionalism, and even if you do not get the call back, the casting director will be left with a good impression of you.

Below is a list of a few tips you can use at your next acting audition.

Come prepared

This is a basic tip, but being prepared with your resume, portfolio, audition piece, photos, and other things you need to bring is crucial. When you are prepared, you show that you are capable of coming to the set on time. Being frazzled and unready does not give the casting directors confidence in your abilities.

Dress professionally

When you go into an acting audition, dress appropriately. Do not dress like you are about to go out to a club. It’s good to wear something comfortable, but don’t go overboard and audition in sweatpants. Going for a business casual look is always a good idea.

Be early for your audition

When you are going to an audition, you can’t be too early. Make sure that when you arrive, you are ready to audition. Casting directors and agents will not hold the audition just because you are late.

Listen to the instructions

If they give you specific instructions, make sure you follow them. Whenever there is something you don’t understand, clarify. You don’t want to do the wrong thing in front of the casting director. It pays to do things correctly than doing it the wrong way and wasting everyone’s time.

The audition starts the moment you enter the room

You will be assessed from the moment you walk into the room. Smile and introduce yourself confidently. Give a brief background of yourself and state what you are auditioning for. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy speech. Just be direct and speak clearly and confidently.

Be able to adjust

If something goes wrong at the audition, don’t make excuses. Just improvise. Adjust to the situation as it comes. Consider improvising a way to showcase your talent. Only use props if you’ve been told to do so. Handle your audition by keeping a calm head, and no matter what happens, just keep things moving forward.

Exit gracefully

When you are finished with your acting audition, smile and listen to what they have to say. If you do not get the part, take criticisms and use it as a way to improve your craft. Don’t hold it against the casting directors. Just thank them for the opportunity and exit gracefully.

Be professional and positive

If you don’t get the callback, it’s okay. There are plenty of opportunities out there. You will get your role. The key is not to lose heart. Try to go to as many auditions as you can because the more exposure you get, the more options and chances you have to get the role.

Be friendly and courteous with the other people at the auditions

Treat other actors with respect because you might work with them in the future. Building connections is extremely important in the entertainment industry. You can learn from other actors and share tips that you can use in future acting auditions.

These are just nine simple tips that you can make use of. They may seem basic, but being respectful, courteous, and punctual are just ways you can show your professionalism. The acting world is full of big egos. You do not need to treat others badly if you become a success. Instead, treat others well and you will inspire them to also be successful in their chosen careers.

In every acting audition you go to, you will meet all sorts of people. Some of them will be nice and some will not, but challenge yourself to treat everybody well. Showing that you can be civilized in all situations is a mark of your good character.