The Different Types of Voice-Over Acting Jobs in the Industry

Voice acting may seem like a minor job, but you would be surprised to find you will have a myriad of working opportunities and voice-over works to audition for.

The following is a list of types of voice-over acting jobs that you can audition for.

Audio books


Audio books are very common now. People listen to audio books instead of buying traditional books now because it is more convenient for their lifestyles.

Audio books have been around since the 1930s when the US government had designed programs for blind readers. In the 1970s these “talking books” were being recorded on cassette tapes to replace records. By 1994, the Audio Publishers Association had established the term audio book as the industry standard.

Movie Trailer


Movie trailers are the specially selected scenes that are used to advertise a movie. Trailers are basically a summary of the whole movie shown in a condensed and highly appealing manner.

The first trailer was shown in November 1913 for the musical The Pleasure Seekers.

Phone Message


You will be surprised to learn that the operator’s voice you hear over the phone is actually done by a professional voice actor. Voice actors are hired to be the operator who guides you in using the service.

Video Game


Video games are one of the favorite pastimes of children and young adults. Voicing over for the video games is among the type of voice-over jobs that actors love doing. With the advancement of technology, games have evolved to have some very complicated story lines with great graphics. Voice actors are there to bring the video game characters to life.



Commercials work as a kind of trading entity that companies use to increase sales by persuading the market to go out and buy their products. Commercials are aired both on television and radio. Voice actors are used to make the commercials more convincing and appealing to prospective customers.

Promotional Video


Promos are done as an announcement in the form of a short video to promote specific products for the market. There are times that the voice actor doesn’t need to appear in the video because their voice would suffice.

Training Module


Those training modules that you hear in your office is not an artificial computer-generated voice. Voice actors can also audition to be the voice in computer software.



Podcasts are digital media, which often consists of a series of audio files. This is often done by people who run their own Web sites where fans can download or hear the audio files. Podcasting was coined by Ben Hammersely in The Guardian in a February 2004 article that featured the various terms connected with the portmanteau. The term podcast comes from the words “iPod” and “broadcast.” Even audio books are considered under the category of podcast novels.



Documentaries are the equivalent of the nonfiction genre in literature when it comes to the movies. They are usually snapshots or representations of the reality that are primarily used for educational purposes. These are also used as instructional materials or in keeping a historical record of something. This was a term coined by Scottish documentarian John Grierson in the year 1926 for his review of Moana.



Animation is a branch that covers a wide range of voice work. Most jobs are voice-overs for cartoon series or animated features. Many voice actors focus on getting this type of job.

There are many types of voice-over jobs as you have just read. After reading this article, hopefully you have found an area which is of particular interest to you. Once you know which type of voice work you would like to try, you can find ways to improve your skills and techniques so that you can do better in each audition that you go to.

Voice-over acting jobs can be quite lucrative, and it is one way to have a steady stream of work in the hit-or-miss world of acting. If you are realistic, you know that not everybody is going to be the star of a blockbuster. It’s much better to have steady work than to keep all your hopes up for the big break that may never come. So consider voice-over jobs as a way to get your foot in the industry because you can always translate your success in one branch and use it to move over to a feature film.