How a Modeling Agency Works


If you want to have a career in modeling, it is necessary for you to know and understand how a modeling agency works. Once you know what it is and what it does, you will be able to enjoy the services that they can offer to you. Each modeling agency has certain staff members assigned to do specific tasks. You need to learn the different jobs and what these staff members actually do.

The Booker

The booker is also called the agent or manager. He is the one in charge of the model’s career. If you are just starting out, it’s the booker who will introduce you to the people you will be working with. He’ll connect you to the photographers who will help you in your quest for the perfect shot. The booker’s main job is marketing you as a model.

If you already have had some success as a model, the booker will help you decide which clients you should work for. He’ll give you a daily activity schedule, and when a client would like to work with you, they call your booker directly.

The booker’s job is not limited to work-related issues. Personal matters like choosing your doctor, personal trainer, and nutritionist are all part of his job. He can refer you to the best lawyers and accountants who can help you with the income that you make.

Major Booking Departments

  • The New Faces Department

If you are new in the agency, this is the department that will handle your training. They will turn you into a professional model and find you your first job as well. The people in this department are the ones who meet the aspiring models when they come in for the agency’s open calls.

  • The Model Management Department

After the new faces department, you will proceed to the model management department. The primary job of this department is to make sure you have a balanced career as a model. They will determine the types of clients you will be working for.

  • The Supermodel Department

This department handles the models that have turned into supermodels. This department handles the models that have jumped from being just a pretty face to become a brand unto themselves. If you reach that status and start to earn the million dollar paychecks, then this is the department who will take care of you. This department handles the work you do outside of modeling projects, like when you have to go on TV shows or make cameos in movies.

  • The Catalog and Advertising Department

This department will be the one in charge of assigning models to do catalog and advertising jobs. The models who do not have scheduled projects to work on are often the ones called on to do this type of work.

  • The Runway Department

As the name suggests, this departments handles the booking and scheduling of models for runway work. They also organize fittings, boutique showings, and trunk shows for all models in the agency.

  • The Television and Commercial Department

This is the division that works with outside agencies when a model is offered a television booking. Guest appearances on television shows and other on-camera work are handled by this department.

Other Departments

  • Accounting Department

This is the department that handles all the transactions that deal with money, both the incoming and outgoing amounts. Whenever you are given a job, you will sign a voucher to acknowledge that you have an ongoing job. The voucher is given to the accounting department after you have completed the job. The voucher will include your fee as a model and your agent’s fee.

  • Promotions and Publicity

The promotions and publicity team is responsible for promoting the name and the image of the agency. They come up with ways to give exposure to their model, like organizing charity events. This division will also handle press inquiries about the models and the agency as a whole.

  • Administration

The administration will include the department directors, the vice president, and the president of the agency. In general, they run the whole agency, and they make plans for the future business of the agency. This is the department that will handle any issues that the agency has to deal with.


When you know who takes responsibility in the agency that you work for, it will work to your advantage. You will know who to go to and who to approach when you need to be very hands-on and knowledgeable to have a good career. The modeling agency will be the one in charge of your career and you need to know what’s going on in the whole operation so that no one can take advantage of you and waste your time and effort. No one wants to invest millions to gain a cent, so make sure you know exactly what is going on in your career.