How to Stand Out in a Modeling Audition

The fashion industry is cutthroat. They will accept people with different looks, but there isn’t a rule book as to how you should act or what you should do. You can’t just walk into a modeling audition and be another pretty face. The times have changed, and the industry is past all that. You have to bring something else to the table apart from being genetically blessed.

You need the right attitude, the right look, and the star quality to make it big. The following are just some tips that you need to learn so that your modeling audition will turn out right. The background knowledge of what to do will always be useful when you are trying to break into the industry to make a name for yourself.


1. Self-esteem is the key.

Before you get into the industry, whether it’s modeling or acting, you should know that rejection is part of the package. You will hear a lot of nos, and they will turn you down many times. You have to stay confident and rise above any negative comments or criticisms that are made about you.

If you are shy, you have to find a way to overcome that. Shyness can seem like being aloof, and that will not win over the crowd. Before you start in the industry, you need to be prepared to take the pressure that such close scrutiny will put on you.


2. Observe proper hygiene.

Good hygiene habits are a must. You have to be clean and fresh. You will be facing a lot of people, so take care of your skin and teeth. Brands will choose you for their ads, so of course they will want to choose someone who takes care of themselves and grooms accordingly.

Women who go into auditions should have light makeup. Leave the dramatic eyeliner and smoky eye makeup for nights out. When you go into an audition, have light, natural-day makeup, well-groomed hair, and always be clean from head to toe.


3. Dress with sense.

When you go into an audition, remember it is like walking into an interview for a job that you want. So depending on the part you are auditioning for, try to dress properly. If nothing else, then jeans, nice shoes, and a polo. That’s a classic uniform you can wear to any audition and any meeting with a casting director.


4. Bring the requirements.

When you go to an audition, you will need to bring in your photos, your résumé, and your portfolio. These are needed at every casting or audition that you go to, so never show up without these items. The casting directors need to look at these to see the work that you have done and it will help them decide if you are right for the role.


5. Attitude matters.

Being a model is not easy. It is also not glamorous all the time. You have to work your way up. It takes a strong person to be able to receive criticism about their body. The industry is full of people already, so it will be a huge challenge to get your foot in the door. Maintaining a positive attitude is key.

You have to just take the criticism as something for you to improve. Then you work on those things and you come back to each audition better and more ready to take on a challenge.

These are just some general tips for someone who wants to get into the modeling industry. They are short and simple pieces of advice, but they really are something that can help you in your journey to be the next big model. It takes months and even years of auditions to catch a break, so just remain positive and work on yourself when you are going to those auditions. So for your next modeling audition, give it your best shot. If you don’t get it, don’t worry. There are hundreds more auditions that will come up for you.