What Not to Expect When Booked for a Film Industry Job


Not everybody is made to be an actor. Out of the thousands that try to become one, maybe less than half actually do go on to make a career out of booking a film industry job. So when you decide to get into the business and really go for it, there are some things you need to be realistic about. These are some things that you need to warn yourself about because it can give you false hope.

The following are things you should not expect.

1. You are guaranteed to be rich and famous.

There are many who want to get into the business solely to make money. Sadly, it is one common misconception that being in the entertainment business will guarantee fame and money. It is an uphill climb to get the big bucks, and when you are on top, there are always new actors scrambling to get to the top. It is a long process to secure the big paycheck, and you have to have the acting chops.

Lack of patience and the need for funds are some of the main reasons that aspiring actors need to do a career change into a more stable job. It can take years to achieve a stable paycheck as an actor because luck and timing have a lot to do with securing that all-important breakout role.

2. You will make friends with all the well-known celebrities.


You might think landing a role where you get to work with established stars means you will be friends with them. It’s not so easy to become friends with a Hollywood star. They work with so many people that you can’t expect them to remember every single actor on the set.  It’s not impossible that you can be friends with the likes of  Tom Cruise, but just don’t bet on it.

3. You’ll be hired right away.

Aside from having actual acting skills, getting an acting job requires other things like experience and going to the right auditions. More often than not, you will receive many rejections before getting even one small part. With each role you land, update your résumé and learn from the experience. With more experience under your belt, you are more likely to get the jobs you want.

4. All your movies will be on the big screen.

The film industry is very competitive, so not all the movies you complete will be shown in the movie theaters. There are political biases to hurdle in terms of getting movies approved for public viewing. Some movies can be found online, on DVDs, and film schools because it is just impossible for everything to get its time in the cinemas around the country.

5. The industry is fair.

You might want to think that there are no biases on age, gender, or ethnicity, but that just isn’t the case. The production crew and casting directors all have their preferences.

6. You will have so much fun working.

Being an actor is not all fun and games. Sometimes you have to take on a job for the paycheck. This job will test your patience and decision-making skills.

7. Acting is easy to do.


Good acting is not easy. You have to be believable and evoke real emotions or else it will all come out as fake and no one will want to watch you. Having the right technique is important.

8. The people in the entertainment industry are all nice.

It’s a dog-eat-dog industry. You need to compete to get where you are, and if you aren’t quick enough, you will get left behind. You need a thick skin to get through the criticism you endure.

9. You will have unlimited vacation time.

If you want to work and stay active, you have to constantly be updated with the latest projects, and you can’t do that if you are off on an island relaxing.

10. Acting will secure your future.

Acting is not always going to translate into a long successful career. Expecting to make it big might only end in disappointment. The important thing is to work on your craft and just get as many jobs as you can so you can make a stable living. It’s okay if you need to take on a main job while working part-time as an actor. The smaller roles do not pay very well, so it’s completely understandable that you would need to supplement your income.

Spending your time trying to land a film industry job will require you to have acting skills and a lot of patience. Do not take it personally when you receive critiques on your performance because that is one way you can improve yourself and hone your craft. Set realistic goals for yourself because the reality is you will not be an overnight sensation.