The Different Types of Modeling Jobs You Can Apply For

There are different ways to get into the modeling world. Once you are signed to an agency, you will be expected to attend castings, fittings, and any shows you get hired for. You have to decide what sort of modeling you want to focus on. You must also remember that to get modeling jobs, you will be working long hours, and you won’t have a fixed work schedule. This industry is not all fun and games. There’s a lot of work involved in building a successful career as a model.

If you are ready to be a model, here are the types of modeling jobs that could get hired for. You can look into Web sites, like Explore Talent, that post updated list of these modeling jobs. But first, let’s get to know the different types so you can see which kind of modeling you are best suited for. In some cases, you can delve into more than one category. For example, you can be a high-fashion model who also does commercial work for designer labels, or you can be a commercial model that also struts the runway for New York Fashion Week and other shows.

High-Fashion Modeling

A high-fashion model is easily recognizable because of their unique features and long, lean figures. High-fashion modeling can be subcategorized into three types.

  • Runway. Runway models grace the catwalk to give life to the creations of famous fashion designers. Their job is to showcase the garments to their best advantage. Runway models have to be tall—between 5’9″ and 5’11” for women and 5’11” to 6’2″ for men. Their bodies are usually long and lean. Needless to say, when working with top designers, these models get paid the big bucks.
  • Catalog. Catalog models, as they are called, can be seen in catalogs for JCPenny, Spiegel, and Montgomery Ward. These models are usually blessed with classic good looks, tall, great skin, and fit body. Their rates depend on the amount of photos that are taken.
  • Fashion Print. Fashion print models are used for print advertising. This category of modeling job is demanding because designers use this to build their brand and reputation.

Editorial Modeling

An editorial model can be seen in publications to add illustrations to articles and editorials. Compared to high-fashion modeling, editorial modeling requirements are not as strict.

  • Fashion Editorial. To be a fashion editorial model, you have to be versatile to meet the changing demands of the target audience of a magazine.

Glamour Modeling

Glamour modeling is a kind of modeling job that has a sexual theme. Glamour models often appear in ads for swimwear, lingerie, and club wear. This kind of job is also associated with nudity. Glamour modeling is a broad category, so make sure you clarify exactly what the job entails so you won’t be surprised at having to wear such revealing clothes.

Commercial Modeling

The bulk of modeling work comes from this category. Models are assigned to model for different jobs.

  • Products. Commercial models are used to endorse products in the best way possible. Most of the time, their job will include the models demonstrating how certain products are used.
  • Lifestyle. Lifestyle models are often called when a company would want to bring a concept or an idea to life. The requirements will usually vary depending on the concept that they want to do.

Parts Modeling

Parts models use their body parts to model certain products and services. These body parts can be their hands, feet, stomach, hair, or legs. There are special agencies for parts modeling, but you can also go to a regular agency because they might have a division for parts modeling. Trying to find a job like this without an agent would be very difficult. A lot of parts models can make a decent income, though they are hardly ever recognized when walking on the streets.

It’s important to know the types of modeling jobs when you are just getting started in the modeling industry. The best tip to land a modeling job would be to get signed to an agency. Getting the right representation is already a boost to your career. You’ll automatically be told by your agents which castings to go to, so that increases your chances of being hired. To help yourself find more modeling jobs, Web sites that post casting calls for models are always open.

When you get the job, be professional and do your best. You are more likely to be hired for another modeling job if you behave professionally at all times.