How to Behave During Acting Auditions

Acting auditions can be tough and anxiety-inducing. However, it’s just part of the process that you, as an aspiring actor, need to go through to get your dream role. Sadly, there are actors who do not know the proper etiquette required at these places, and since these actors rarely get feedback, they continue to repeat their mistakes over and over again.


Regardless of the role you are auditioning for, you must follow specific rules. Each casting director has their own rules, so you have to know what the rules are and follow them accordingly. The audition is only the first step, so you haveĀ to make sure you make a good impression from the start.

Sport the Right Garb

You have probably heard varying opinions as to what you should wear at auditions. The best thing to do here is to check the details that will be sent to you before the auditions. They sometimes give specific instructions that you must follow.

Plain Outfits


Don’t wear clothes that cause a distraction. Avoid graphic tees and large prints or funny sayings printed on your shirt. You want the attention to be focused on your acting skills and not on your outfit. If you can, stick to button-down shirts and pants, unless the instructions say otherwise.

Wear the Right Colors


While wearing something colorful will not lessen your chances of being chosen, it would still be best that you wear neutral shades. Stick to white, gray, beige, or blue.

Flat Shoes


Wearing sneakers at an audition is acceptable. By wearing flat shoes, you can walk comfortably and do whatever you need to do with ease. Avoid wearing heels because there may be long lines, and they might ask you to remove them anyway.

Introduce Yourself


You are being assessed from the moment you enter the audition room. You need to look professional and presentable at all times. In the audition you have to show your acting skills and abilities, and you also have to show your character.

Introduce yourself before you begin your monologue. Even if the panel already knows who you are, it’s still good to start off by introducing yourself.

Prepare for Your Monologue


Before starting your audition piece, you should pause for several seconds. The first few seconds of your performance are the most important. Casting directors will make most of their judgments based on what they see. After the first few seconds, they will continue watching to see whether your performance will match their expectations of you. You should give the whole performance your best effort from start to finish.

Know Your Role


After your performance, you should be prepared to answer questions from the panel. It is possible that they will interview you after you deliver your audition piece, and they will usually ask you about the character you are playing. There are also times that they ask questions about the role before you perform your monologue. Just be knowledgeable about the role and answer each question directly.

Try Not to Use Props


As much as possible, when you enter the stage, it should just be you alone. Don’t bring props and other items with you. The casting directors might get annoyed if you have them wait while you set up all your props.

They might even instruct you to disregard your props and just use your imagination. So to avoid inconveniencing yourself and the casting directors, do not use props and instead focus on your performance and how you can bring the character to life with your acting skills.

Take Rejection Positively


Rejections are just a normal part of an actor’s routine. Of course, with all the roles you will be auditioning for, it’s impossible that you’ll be accepted for each one. Sometimes, you succeed and land the role, but a lot of the time, you will be rejected.

When you are rejected, remain courteous and try to keep a smile on your face. When the casting director sees that you are able to remain professional even after being rejected, they will be more willing to recommend you for other projects, and they’ll be happy to see you again in future auditions.

Following the tips above will be very helpful for you. These pieces of adviceĀ are here to help you get through an audition better. The goal of going to many acting auditions is to not only get the role but also to make a lasting impression with casting directors so that they will keep you in mind for any future roles. Remember the points mentioned above and use it at your next round of auditions.