A Brief Look into the Types of Acting Jobs

Just like everything else, acting jobs also have subcategories. Aside from starring in popular films, there are other kinds of these jobs that anyone can try a spot for. Knowing all the types of jobs is a wise move for aspiring actors who want to make it big in the industry.

You will see the different types of acting jobs on the list below.

Extra or Background Acting


Being an extra or a background actor is one of the jobs that everyone in the film industry should experience at least once. A lot of Hollywood celebrities deemed this stage as the stepping stone that paved their way to a successful acting career.

The experience and the knowledge you will gain about what goes inside the world of production for TV and film are golden, and the minimal exposure is totally worth it. Extras are a crucial part of every project, even if they are only tasked to be at the background to complete scenes and make them more realistic.

Film Acting

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Many opportunities await aspiring actors and actresses in the field of film acting. Imagine getting a chance to be a part of feature films produced by major studios. If you are lucky enough to secure a spot, many doors will open for you, either for another movie or a chance to be seen in the small screen. Another advantage is that actors interested in this type of acting job have a wide array of options they can take on: small-budget projects, independent films, student films, and short films.

However, you must prepare yourself to venture down a road that is cutthroat. The competition for a role in a movie can get quite fierce.

Voice-Over Acting


In voice-over acting, it is the actor’s voice that does all the work. In most cases, actors will be instructed to change the way they talk to cater to the personality of the character they dub for. Voice-over acting is prevalent in cartoons and in films that are translated to other languages.

The business of doing voice-overs is already an established industry. In fact, it is in demand, contrary to what other believe. There are plenty of voice-over projects around, making it a field actors should definitely look into.

Commercial Acting


Commercial is a good way for you as a talent to earn extra cash. Good thing is, you will earn more than what you originally signed up for if the commercial you are working on will be launched internationally. Commercial acting, especially for those big-name companies, is also one of the best ways to make a name in the industry.

This type of job is considered a good acting experience and training ground for new talents. Actors who have had commercial stints are usually preferred for a spot in bigger projects.

Theater Acting


The theater stage is a place where actors can be seen developing themselves and enhancing their skills. It also offers a lot of available acting jobs. However, the number of projects may vary according to the city you live in, and they will be dependent on the season.

A ton of good opportunities for a spot in theater productions can be found in entertainment hot spots like Chicago and New York. But if you want to start small and prefer slowly building your career up, you can join the local community theater and begin from there. Later on, once you have amassed a great amount of theater acting background, you can relocate to bigger cities where more opportunities are waiting.

TV Acting


TV productions are much smaller in scale compared to films. They don’t require a budget as big as that in movie making. But when it comes to opportunities, TV shows offer just much chance to all aspiring talents who want to appear in the small screen.

If in film acting, there are independent films, student films, or big-production films, in television, there are sitcoms and series, documentaries, anthologies, as well as reality and game shows. With all these, TV acting is something that an actor should consider.

It is best not to limit yourself to only one type of acting job. Take risks and take a chance in different areas and find out which one suits you best. In order to expand the horizon of your ability and be versatile enough to take on any project in the future, apply to as many acting jobs as you can.