How to Find Acting Jobs in New York


Lately, finding acting jobs in New York has never been easier. Due to the success of the newly-enacted New York State Film Tax Credit Program, a considerable amount of production companies have set their eyes on the Big Apple as the possible “Second Hollywood”. Based from a recent state economic data, the film and TV industry is currently responsible for almost 95,000 direct jobs in New York, boasting a gross wage of almost $10 billion.

With over 250 independent and studio films, this billion-dollar industry has prospered rapidly in the past years due mostly to the city’s generous accommodation to film makers with its kind film incentives. Despite its decline in popularity as a production setting in the previous decade, who would have thought that New York would rise from its deep slumber.

From these statistics, you can say that a considerable amount of job opportunities for aspiring actors and actresses are highly accessible at the Melting Pot of America. Opportunities don’t knock twice as what they say, so better jump into the fray while it’s still accelerating. All you need to do to find acting jobs in the city is to gather information and acquaintances, respectively.

Here are ways to capture that illusive acting job you’ve been dreaming about:

Exploit Social Media

The most accessible and convenient way to get to the limelight is to utilize your social network accounts. Post videos on Youtube showing your skills in acting, tweet about what acting workshop you are currently attending, or tag friends on Facebook about the play you are in. Who knows? Talent scouts or agents might have friends who are in the New York film industry that might help you out with your current dilemma.

However, do not seem desperate, overreact, or act pretentious when you get the chance to interact with a film agent. Make sure to consider the things you post on social media, too, because the recent trend in recruitment is to check applicants’ accounts.

Make Use of Referrals and Common Friends

Friends come in handy when looking for acting opportunities. The world is shrinking in a fast pace due to the presence of the Internet. People know people that know other people and so on. Give out reels, headshots, or CVs to friends or colleagues who are willing to help. You can also try to reach out to acting communities, which, admittedly is one of the most logical course of action you can take at the start of your career.

Try Out for Plays and Local Commercials

Grab every chance to star in any kind of acting-related role. This can heighten the chance of you getting noticed by an agent. Do not mind the compensation and look at the bright side. Joining numerous projects will not only level up your skills in acting, it will also provide you with the acting experience to put on your resume.

New York is the real world equivalent of an ad-infested website. You can see ads almost every angle and it’s free for all to scrutinize. One of those people may be an agent looking for young talents. Basically, being in the Big Apple right now, it’s a win-win situation.

Get Yourself a Manager or Agent

If you are willing to give a part of your salary just to get that acting job the quickest way possible, then hiring an agent is the way to go. They will be the ones to search for auditions and castings on your behalf to save you the hassle of scouring every inch of New York for openings.

Sign Up on Talent Resource Websites

Technology has advanced to an extent that make things way easier for everyone, including aspiring talents, compared to prior years. Talent resource sites are now a thing and is considerably the fastest way to land a job in the film industry. Find an acting job in New York by signing up on these sites and updating them with your most recent headshots and information for a much more personalized way of reaching out to talent managers. These sites will notify you of casting calls and auditions as soon as one is available that is in line with your preferences and skills as a talent.

Great things have been happening in New York when it comes to the current boom of its film industry. Becoming part of this growing industry might be quite competitive, but provides just rewards if you will work hard for it. Now that you know of the things you can do in grabbing that chance to take the first step into your journey to stardom, you will surely open yourself to more opportunities than you can even ever think of in your wildest fantasies.