Most Popular Voice Acting Jobs in America

Although there are varieties of voice acting jobs, not all of them are widely recognized. Out of the hundreds of voice actors out there who are trying to land any of these gigs, only a few of them are qualified in all categories. The reason behind this is that while some are flexible enough to do different work, others specialize only in one or two types of work.

Nevertheless, we want to cover these voice-over gigs not only because of the excellent benefits and exposure but also because of the number of job opportunities available. And in America, plenty of these voice acting opportunities are becoming very popular. Be familiar with each one of these by reading our list below:


There are plenty of narration jobs a voice actor can do. He can either read a documentary or create an audio tour guide. He can also do an interactive training or a corporate video. Obviously, the opportunities are endless.

The task of a voice actor in a narrative is basically to convey a story to a target audience. He will deliver every possible bit of information by performing or reading some scripted lines assigned to him.

Narrators often have a distinct, deep, and dramatic voice, like that of James Earl Jones. This quality is highly required because they create a certain effect that convinces listeners to come back for other programs.

Character Voicing

Talents who are hired to voice different animated characters are often those who are capable of creating unique voices for each role. Though many celebrities have well-known voices, they somehow keep it fresh and interesting.

When it comes to voicing characters in radio, though a voice actor has more freedom. This is because he doesn’t have to match his voice to the original actor or to an animated figure. He can use a voice, which he thinks is suited for the character because he never actually has to make an appearance on screen.


Voice-over translation is a technique in audiovisual translation wherein the voices of actors are recorded over the original audio track. This is often used in creating news reports or documentaries that are in a foreign language.

In some countries, particularly in Eastern Europe, voice-over translation is a very common job. Here, voice actors are hired to translate all kinds of films.

Automated Dialogue Replacement

Automated Dialogue Replacement or ADR is the process wherein the dialogue of the original actor is re-recorded after filming, so as to improve the overall audio quality. Oftentimes, this is called the “looping session”.

During an ADR session, the actor, usually the person who performed the scenes on the set, looks at the scene with the original sound. From there, he tries to recreate and improve his performance, while watching and observing. Although it often requires multiple takes, the ADR allows the actor/actress to take in the entire context of the scene in order to create the perfect and final take.

There are also instances when the process doesn’t take place in a studio. It can still be recorded at another location, as long as there is a complete set of mobile equipment.

Radio Imaging

Voice actors who are assigned radio imaging tasks are required to have a voice that can deliver a clear message without sounding very offensive; a voice that pierces through the sound on the radio.

These days, there are plenty of radio imaging gigs available. This is because there are countless radio stations around the world that are constantly looking to hire voices that are fresh and new. And, if you are lucky enough to be the sound they are looking for, you can actually earn a pretty decent income and get the exposure and experience needed to open doors to more voice acting jobs.

Audio Books Reader

Among all voice-over works, this is probably the fastest growing. As a matter of fact, many voice talents are making a profitable career out of reading audio books.

However, not everybody is qualified to become an audio book reader. Of course, there is a variety of categories to be mastered. There are audio book readers who specialize in reading information-driven non-fiction while others prefer reading character-driven books.

The voice-over business is booming with lots of job opportunities for everybody; professional or not. And, if you persevere and work your way to the top, for sure, you’ll be able to make a name for yourself in no time. But since you are still starting, we suggest you to be very patient and to not be very picky in choosing voice acting jobs because you never know what opportunities each one will offer you.