Why You Don’t Need an Agent to Land Modeling Jobs


Almost everyone relies on an agent to help them land modeling jobs. However, what they actually don’t know is that agents aren’t really necessary for one to get modeling gigs. Agents are helpful, yes, but they’re actually not a requirement.

There are actually a couple of disadvantages when you get agents to do the job for you. All of these may prove to be baneful for other people because in reality, getting an agent all boils down to personal preference. So here are some of the reasons agents aren’t needed to land your dream job.

Modeling jobs are more accessible nowadays.

With today’s technology, you can actually enjoy the labor of personally aiming to land yourself a job in modeling. You can simply use breakdown sites and online castings, and then audition in them. You wouldn’t need someone else to do the job for you.

There are now plenty of sources for modeling.

Not only does the Internet offer a way to land a modeling job, even the entertainment industry has them. You can simply join competitions that will give you both exposure and experience. These modeling competitions usually provide the venue and time that they’ll be accepting auditions, and that’ll be your cue to try it out. You don’t need an agent to tell you or go there with you.

Websites are now posting modeling auditions.

Before, websites only consisted of the usual ones: news, entertainment, music, etc. But now, websites have broadened their scope, and you can find a job for modeling, acting, or singing on some pages. With that in mind, having an agent would truly become unnecessary because you have the ability to locate a job with the tip of your fingers.

People are proactively looking for fresh talents.

An agent’s job is to contact people and find a job for you. Nowadays, the jobs are actually the ones chasing after you. That’s right, more and more people are becoming successful, even without an agent, because the jobs they’re looking for are proactively looking for them too. Someone might just notice you and sign you up, without asking you if you have an agent.

It’s now easier to become an independent model.

With all of the resources available to us now, it just takes time and patience to actually become an independent model. Online auditions are available, modeling competitions are just around the corner, and the ones who are in need of models are now sharing their needs more publicly. The time where only agents have access to modeling gigs have ended, and that’s an advantage for you.

It is difficult to find a good agent.

Agents provide you with advantages that will really be useful in the future. However, only good agents can give the best pieces of advice this to you, and they have become rarer over time. You have a better chance of landing a modeling job on your own, using the resources that are now more accessible, than finding yourself a good agent.

You’ll still need to undergo an audition.

Agents are supposed to find you a job. However, most of the time, you’ll still be auditioning right after they’ve talked to your agent. So instead of hiring someone to find a job for you, why not personally audition? That’ll save you tons of time and money, and it increases your chances of landing the job as well.

You can appreciate the success of landing the job more.

It’s a totally different thing when you let someone else do it. The feeling of “success” somehow seems lesser, and you might feel that you haven’t really achieved anything. When you’re doing it yourself, you can reap the fruits of your labors in a much more sweeter and gratifying way.

Agents are indeed useful and helpful in landing you some modeling jobs. However, since the resources are more accessible nowadays, they’re not that necessary anymore. You can just be an independent model and succeed. It may take more time and it may be a bit harder, but that wouldn’t truly count for much, since you’ll be doing something you love.

Moreover, it’s faster if you directly speak to the ones looking for models, instead of having an agent acting as middleman. Plus, you’ll feel more fulfilled without having an agent with you. Success will be much more sweeter, knowing that all of your personal efforts paid off.