Techniques to Prop You Up on Your Cold Reading Audition

There will come a time when the director will ask you to do a cold reading. A cold reading is basically a type of audition where you read a script you have not encountered before. Doing this can be quite nerve-wracking and can make anyone mumble and stumble. And, this is something you do not want to happen.

So here are a few simple tips that will help you ease out the chills when doing a cold reading.

Be Prepared

Do your research on what the audition will be about. Get your hands on the material if you can. It is important that you do not go into an audition empty-handed. Having a bit of information about what the project will be and who the audiences are will help you with your cold reading, especially in bringing to life a character you did not know before.

Do Not Rush

Although a cold read is on the spot, do not rush and just take your time. The directors would often give you a few more minutes to go over the script before you start to read. It is important that you are able to get a bit of an idea on how they want you to portray the character.

Listen Carefully

Some directors would interrupt the auditionee in the middle of the cold reading. They do this to give you specific directions as you do your interpretation of the character on the script. It may seem a handful, but when you listen carefully, it will serve as a tip on how you can play around with your character.

Move Around

While doing cold reading, it is normal that you would be looking at the page and forget that you are still required to act. The purpose of the cold reading is to gauge your acting ability especially on how you bring a character to life. Moving around is one way of acting. Live up to the character.

Interact with Your Reading Partner

Sometimes, cold readings are done with partners. It is important that you interact with whom you are doing it. It is important to let your partner finish his line before you say yours. You can act by using gestures and mind your posture.

Do Not Use the Script as a Prop

Generally, props are not advisable to be brought to the audition. One of significant things you should remember is to never use the script as a prop. This will draw the attention of the casting directors away from your acting.

Make It Work

The purpose of cold reading is for the directors to see your acting skills. You should not have any excuses why you could not do it. Seeing how you are able to bring out the character is what they would want to achieve from sitting there with you. Try a different approach in depicting the character. Remember that a cold reading is done only once, and you cannot ask the director for a second take.